Rock Mulch


Rock mulch sucks. I see why people use it: it doesn’t break down, it’s permanent, etc.  I don’t care, I hate it. As there is no such thing as a permanent planting, it should never be encased by plastic and rock. Unless you want weeds to grow: because they love rocks.

There is no easy way to remove rocks, either. A shovel and a wheelbarrow, by hand into cardboard boxes is probably the best way. Unless you can borrow someone’s Bobcat. Dale? Pretty please?

And what do you do with them when you are done? Craigslist? Freecycle? Whatever it takes: buttare via.

In two weeks, I will finally be able to move into my new, beautiful house. Although there is much work to be done (days of rock picking, on the outside alone!) I’m so looking forward to it.

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