Plant a Row for the Hungry

I’ve long been a naysayer on vegetable gardening, mainly because I’m bad at it, but for various other reasons too. However, my life has changed a lot in the last two years and I’ve started thinking about how to give back to the community that has given me such a lovely place to live– beyond the ways I gave back during my married life.

My boyfriend’s uncle (BU) and a woman from a dinner that I attended have actually inspired me that I should use some of these allegedly amazing gardening skills and next year I should plant a row for the hungry.

BU has an amazing garden with over 1000 strawberry plants.  Although I’ve never seen it, I’ve enjoyed some amazing and huge strawberries, and last year made the best pasta sauce with his butternut squash.  He asked me if I ever grew vegetables and I said that I hadn’t really- not successfully with the kind of bounty one expects from a vegetable garden.  But in my new happiness and self-confidence, I’m starting to think that I could manage it.  I could lower my expectations of bounty- and settle for a small box of produce.

The woman from dinner talked about her husband’s lifelong passion for serving homeless folks through his soup kitchen— and I thought– even in my straightened circumstances, I could do that.  A jar of homemade pasta sauce and some noodles, and I could do that for someone.  It’s not an “every Saturday forever” committment, but it’s something.

Of course, all this assumes that I’ll be done picking rocks (and plastic edging and plastic landscape fabric) this year and will actually have some space for vegetables– but it is a good start as I think about what to do next year!


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