Thinking of Next Year

We know I’ve been obsessed with white flowers this year, and I am, but my color of the year for 2014 is going to be white as well. I just think it is so much more sophisticated than orange, purple, red, pink and yellow all mixed into one garden (even though the neighbors always love that look). And there is nothing wrong with hot colors, but I really just want white flowers everywhere. I might do some colors in the back, but out front:
white foxgloves– swallowtail nursery seems to have one that is white all the way up its throat!
White anemones– canadiensis? Is that what I had before? I can’t remember but it is the white spring-flowering one.
white alyssum– smells so sweet
white impatiens– so reliable
white columbines– I always plant these… they remind me of those poor kids…


Plants that I won’t grow from seed but will actually purchase:
Hummingbird vine (not white! HHB really loves hummingbirds, so I’m trying to get more of them for him.)
Stachys Helen Von Stein– a better behaved stachys, with large fluffy “bunny ears.”


My bulbs next year (from colorblends, as always):

Mount Hood daffodils, blue scilla, blue and white scilla– and of course Rijnveld’s Early Sensation, because I can’t stand other people’s daffodils blooming before mine do.  (No comment, SC.)  I was going to do tulips again, but my finances “ain’t what they used to be” so… I’m keeping it “simple” with 350 daffodils and 400 scilla.  Easy.

Now all I have to do is figure out the garden’s themes and I’ll be all set to plant!  After I finish digging out those rocks, of course.

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