Tired of Pretending


There has come a point in my life where I’m tired of BS. Not that I ever had much tolerance for it, but now I have exceptionally little. I’ve stopped using girly cleaners that don’t work, but smell good in favor of 409, which does work.

In the rest of my life too, I just don’t have time to waste. I’ve given in, and plan to plant knock out roses next spring. The above is my plan for my herbaceous border. The idea is that I will repeat this square til I run out of space.

My favorites were all easy: of course phlox and irises. Of course peonies. But I needed a flowering something that wouldn’t be a complete pain and would flower in June…thus roses. Now I’ll probably still do some fun roses in the “high maintenance garden”–but this garden is meant for good looks. Not pain.

I’ll note that a friend pointed out that my grid was “highly anal retentive.” That makes me even prouder…because I have no time to waste.

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