Goodbye Grama


My much beloved grandmother has died. She was a real pistol, still working out at her gym in her 80s. A lover of beer and Packer football and art and a good time.

She’d been “poorly” for a few months and could barely talk when I saw her at Thanksgiving. I knew she was dying and as I was thinking about how to celebrate her life, I knew I had to do a flower arrangement.

So here it is.

Some details:


Bottlecaps from Michelob Ultra, her favorite beer.

Rosemary, for remembrance. Rosemary was also her sister’s name.


Dark pink carnations mean “I will never forget you.”

There is Holly, as well, symbolizing everlasting life.

The bi-colored carnations are favorites of my sister. There are roses that are reddish pink, with a white reverse (my favorite) and the whole color choice is based on my sister’s wedding.

There are also coleus and hypericum berries, just for color. The coleus is a cutting from a plant given to me by a dear aunt.  The author Frances Mayes says it reminds her of death.  It will remind me of my Grama’s life.

Although she’s not here to see it, I think she’d appreciate it.

Miss you already, Grama.

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1 Response to Goodbye Grama

  1. alice thompson says:

    i’m sorry for your loss. your grandmother must have been quite remarkable and i’m sure her absence will be difficult.

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