African Violets


I have loved African Violets for years, and yet I have never mastered them. My former brother in law always grew beautiful Violets on his east-facing windowsill over his kitchen sink.  When I asked him his secret, he said he pruned off leaves like crazy. It clearly worked. But not for me.

My former sister in law (not BIL’s wife, a different one) said she was able to root African Violets in a glass of water. Alas, I don’t have that skill either.

HHB’s mother has given me three Violets (above) as part of her fantastic collection of uniquely beautiful Violets that she has… No kidding… sitting on the living room floor.

Of all the plants that have mystified me over the years, this is the one. With about a 10% success rate with growing them from cuttings and Violets that barely bloom, here’s hoping that all my failures are in the past.

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