The Bathroom Garden

When Mr. Amazing and I first met, I would visit his beautiful home and daydream about his gardens. As if I didn’t have enough gardens of my own to worry about. After awhile, I moved in and have had the opportunity to do something I’ve never done before: create an all color garden, with all-season color, that only has to be seen in the mirror while I get ready. That cost nothing.

The idea was simple. The execution even simpler: go find plants in the yard and fill the space. 

It is truly a “nothing” area, and it can only be seen from our master bathroom. It is less than a dozen feet wide and bordered on one side by rock mulch, the other by the property line. But why neglect this tiny space? 

It has become one of our favorite gardens. Even Mr. Minimalist has fallen in love with the maximalist English cottage garden outside our window. And with no one else to see it- I felt unconstrained. Which is as unusual as it is delightful. So here you have it. The bathroom garden. Use every space you can- it makes summer even better!

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