Gwendolyngarden is a site dedicated to gardening in southern Wisconsin– in temperamental USDA zone 5A.  My gardening expertise comes only from experience, not from formal training, so I have created this blog to relate some trials, successes and the stunning beauty of the garden throughout the seasons.

All my experiences and recommendations are my own (unless otherwise noted) and all of my gardens are paid for entirely by my own hard-earned income, and my aching back– with occasional help from my husband.  I am not paid to endorse any products and am an enthusiastic (most of the time) amateur gardener.  I do not accept any freebies for my work (ahem, Chairman Liebowitz) and have no advertisers to keep myself free from influence, as old Fighting Bob might say.  Any ads that you may see on my blog are put there by someone other than me without my knowledge or permission.

All of the photographs on this site are my own, unless credited to another.  They are not copyrighted by me, so please feel free to use them.  Please credit this site if you do so.


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  1. M. Lynn Schmid says:

    TO: Gwendolyn of Gwendolyn’s Garden
    FROM: Lynn

    Kudos to YOU for creating a terrific, useful website!
    I’m a Certified Master Gardener,a horticulture student, and also Southern Wisconsin resident. Just discovered your website today and loved your article about “quiet gardening.” If we have to wear serious EAR PROTECTION and assorted ARMOR in order to perform garden tasks, we need to ask ourselves, is there another way to complete the task at hand? I’ll be checking back again. Thanks for your efforts!

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