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Spring Ephemerals

  People don’t plant enough ephemerals.  How well we all know that we should plant masses of tulips and masses of daffodils, but masses of snowdrops or crocus or scilla are often underrated.  But why?  They are so much cheaper, earlier … Continue reading

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  Last night, as soon as I saw the weather forecast, I jumped up and sent an email to my boss telling him that I just had to take the day off.  It is in the 50s, but quite hot … Continue reading

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The First Bloom of the Year

Not 10 minutes ago as we were walking in the house I saw the happiest thing I have seen in a month. Even though there is tragedy in Japan, crisis in downtown Madison and fights for freedom in Libya, Mother … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring– even in the snow

Last week, I was sure that the five inches of snow would be our last– silly girl.  Of course, I awoke this morning to a garden covered with snow.  But we have blooms and signs of spring on the way… … Continue reading

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spring is coming!

Spring in Wisconsin.  Ain’t it wonderful?  Two weeks ago, it was shorts weather and this past weekend it snowed 4 inches.  But I know that spring is coming. For proof, I have yellow and purple crocuses up and blooming– they … Continue reading

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