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Stargazers in the garden

Stargazer lilies- the Muhammed Ali of wedding bouquets, are truly at their best in the garden.  Relatively cheap to buy (for lilies) they are absolutely best planted en masse with fresh bulbs in as large of quantity as you can … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetles AGAIN

The naughties are back.  And moving on to new and different plants this year: the brand new willow hedge!  Apparently they like ‘nishiki’- must remind them of home or something. To review- japanese beetles are nasty things about the size of … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetle Update: More Plants Japanese Beetles won’t eat

The blasted things are still out there– but some things in the garden are faring very well–  in addition to those I’ve mentioned before: Hydrangeas.  They’ll sit on them, but won’t eat them.  Erynginum. Russian Sage and other sages.  Common … Continue reading

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Japanese Beetles

  They’re Back! My old foes. Their nasty iridescent purple bodies are mating wildly in my crabapple and linden trees. They are covering my (formerly) gorgeous rugosa rose bush, munching down my dahlias, and (blissfully) drowning in my outdoor water … Continue reading

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