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A Slice of Humble Pie

Even experienced gardeners make mistakes. Good Old Bindweed. I could have sworn that it was the morning glories (heavenly blue, of course) that I planted from seed this spring. It grew up right at the base of the trellis, I … Continue reading

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Gallons of Weeds

What makes a good garden? In my humble opinion, it has everything to do with a willing gardener and much less to do with design and fancy plants. I love my garden, and although it is a humble suburban plot, … Continue reading

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Weeds and Beetles

Just returned home from vacation to the usual things- mountains of laundry, thousands of emails and a garden full of weeds. I pulled the usual suspects from the garden (grass, dandelions)- and even talked my husband into helping (which indicates … Continue reading

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25 Random Things

Following the “25 random things about me” craze, here is a list of 25 random things about gardens; yours, mine and theirs. 1. I garden on 1/7th of an acre, but it ain’t the size that matters. 2. I hate … Continue reading

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